color in college.

I stumbled upon some old photos of my dorm room from freshman year of college (7 years ago).  Oh man, so much has changed since then with the obvious exception of one thing:  my love for color.  This was probably the cheeriest room on campus, thanks largely in part to all colored paper that my awesome roommate painted.

Sadly, I recently (and/or finally) parted with the rainbow drawers seen above and no longer keep a hefty supply of Pacific Cooler Capri Suns, but I can guarantee you that my love for all things colorful lives on in my style.  Pardon the mess, but this little blast from the past was too good not to share.

This was my desk area, complete with an anciently massive computer monitor and a color-coded class schedule.  Coincidentally, the laptop screen is open to my defunct LiveJournal account — my original and very teen-angsty blog.

This was our all-in-one vanity/armoire/medicine cabinet/dish cupboard.  Just overflowing with stuff.

I always loved bunk beds while growing up and with a set in the dorm room, it was like a slumber party … every night!

And finally … my glorious closet full of regrettably unfashionable choices.  I can guarantee that I no longer own anything in this picture (although I do miss that ice cream pattern tote bag in the bottom right corner).  Oh well, college is all about finding yourself, right?


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