wedge you say?

Happy summer solstice!  It’s the first day of summer (ha!) and the longest day of the year.  So let’s celebrate with my official summer shoe: the wedge!  I love wedges because they amp up any day outfit, but are equally wearable into the night.  They’re usually slightly easier to walk around in than heels and make just as much of a statement.

1. Steve Madden Riddgge Wedge — $69.50 (was $99.95)
2. Forever 21 Tribal Weave Wedge — $25.80
3. Jessica Simpson Tamandy Wedge — $59.99 (was $89)
4. Betsey Johnson Byrne Wedge — $99.99 (was $200)
5. Seychelles Purr Wedge — $89 (was $100)
6. Aldo Goodstein Wedge — $100
7. Mea Shadow Medea Wedge — $109.95
8. Steve Madden Fantsikl Leopard Wedge — $69.96 (was $99.95)
9. Coconuts Quigley Print Wedge — $44.95


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