what the frock?

Nothing says summertime like a patterned frock.  Whether it’s floral, tribal, or graphic, printed day dresses are easy to throw on and even more fun to oogle.  Can I have them all, please?

1. Collective Concepts Print Shirtdress — $78
2. Lulu’s Konnichiwa Pretty Pink Dress — $39
3. Lulu’s Peggy Sioux Tribal Print Dress — $40
4. Forever 21 Dots & Doves Woven Dress — $22.80
5. Volcom All Together Now Tube Dress — $39.50
6. Rachel by Rachel Roy Sleeveless Sashed Dress — $109
7. Forever 21 Woven Flora Paisley Dress — $19.80
8. Forever 21 Watercolor Tribal Print Dress — $10.50


One thought on “what the frock?

  1. What I like best that says, “Jenny?” is no. 7 Forever 21 Woven flora Paisley Dress, it’s just says “summertime!”


    Mc Huggs :)

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