lemon lime.

express skirt; rosegold heels; juicy couture wallet/clutch

For over a year now, I’ve had this neon green skirt sitting in my closet without any idea what to do with it. When I bought it online, the color was called “citronelle” and it didn’t look nearly as intense as it does in person (even the picture doesn’t do it justice). So for a year, I let it sit in my closet while it taunted me with its radioactive glow.

I finally decided to take a stab at incorporating the skirt into an outfit by balancing the intensity of the neon with neutral pieces. Paired with a dark gray top and my new favorite cut-out nude heels (perfect for elongating the legs), the neutrals let the neon shine without blinding any bystanders.

A neon outfits is definitely manageable when tamed with the right neutral pieces. And my favorite neutral accessory happens to be furry and scurrying through the bottom photo.


3 thoughts on “lemon lime.

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