there’s nothing else like it.

April has been a ridiculously busy month, but that didn’t stop me from visiting one of my favorite attractions in Tucson: Spring Fling!  It’s an event that has been wonderfully near and dear to my heart since undergrad.  And it’s always refreshing to walk around outside and take in the sense of community, bright colors, and big smiles — not to mention gorge on the fatty fair food (I did exert willpower on the fried candy bars!).

Here are a few pics for a much needed injection of cheer.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “there’s nothing else like it.

  1. I hope you did NOT exert willpower over the crab/cream puffs! Best part of SF, that’s for sure (except driving around at 1am looking for a lost phone… That’s the best)

    • Hahaha, of course, crab puffs were the FIRST thing I had when I got there! I took a pic, but it didn’t make the cut unfortunately.

      Lesson learned: never ride backwards on the edge of a golf cart dashboard with my phone in my back pocket … especially after SF closes for the night!

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