pink pants.

zara blouse + pants, l.a.m.b. heels

Since I got over my tomboy days, I’ve never really been a pants person.  Shorts, skirts, dresses, yes, yes, yes.  Leggings — why yes, I think I wore a pair every day this winter.  I’ve been lacking in the pants department so when I saw this pink pair at Zara in Santa Monica, I thought, “Why not?”

It’s getting a little too hot here to really get a feel for them (our meager two weeks of spring have long since passed), but I thought I’d take them for a brief test run. Admittedly, I love how they turned out!  Paired with a super lightweight, nude blouse, the color combo is perfect for spring!

I’ll definitely be investing in more when the weather cools down (during our two weeks of fall), but until then, it’s back to shorts, skirts, and dresses for me.


8 thoughts on “pink pants.

  1. Hey, I found your blog through CF and it’s adorable! I love how you paired pink on pink in this outfit. It looks great! & You’re gorgeous (:

  2. Hi Jenny: I love this outfit on you. Love the pinkish top and darker pink pants, goes great with your sandals. What about red heels? I wonder if you choose to wear heels instead of your gorgoeus sandals what would work best?

    Darker red pumps, or matching top color heels? Anyway, love your blog, you so fashionable, LOL


    Mc Huggs :)

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