comfort cuisine.

After my overwhelming experience with vintage shopping in LA, the boyfriend and I hunted down a nearby food truck (with the help of Find LA Food Trucks). The Comfort Truck was parked up on a curb, commanding Melrose Avenue in all its fire engine red colored, intoxicating fried food smelling glory.

James and I shared a fried chicken wrap, stuffed with corn relish, and a heaping to-go box full of thick, creamy mac n’ cheese. I. Love. Mac. And. Cheese. And surely enough, the Comfort Truck truly lived up to its name. The food was delish, sentimental, and perfectly indulgent.

gap utility jacket; f21 scarf + top; hco shorts; rayban aviators; madewell bag; nicole sandals

As the weather in California was absolutely perfect, I attempted to make the most of my Gap utility jacket. It’s casual and comfortable, without trying to be too literal. I lucked out when I got it last spring at a unbelievably generous sale price. It’s been one of my favorite things to wear ever since. Unfortunately, with the temp rapidly rising, I think it’s time for this layering staple to go into hibernation soon.

As for me, I’ll be out on the prowl for more food trucks the next time I’m in LA. I plan to have my Twitter feed full of food truck recon. Let me know what your fave meal on wheels is so I can scope it out during the next visit!


4 thoughts on “comfort cuisine.

  1. Remind me to make you some mac n cheese next time you decide to fly out to the East Coast. Also, I just received my fondue set. Oh you know how we do, I’m sooo feeding you chocolate covered strawberries next time!

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